Adguard ad blocker, Ebates arrive as latest Windows 10 Edge extensions

One of the major complaints that users have had about Microsoft Edge is that the browser continues to lack the amount of support that its competitors do. Particularly in the case of extensions, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can boast thousands of add-ons that make browsing much easier and personalized. Today, the Microsoft Edge account on Twitter announced that Adguard, an ad blocker extension, is now available through their browser.

As WinSupersite reports, this is just another in the slow trickle of extensions being brought to Microsoft Edge. Another called Ebates helps users track their shopping and save money through cash back rebates. Even so, these additions into Microsoft Edge are coming surprisingly slow.

It might be due to the process of submitting Microsoft Edge extensions. Partners directly approach Microsoft with the intention to create these extensions, submitting them to the Windows 10 Store as a UWP. Because this is a rather closed process, we haven't seen too many extensions to actually make it to Microsoft Edge yet. But maybe we'll see that change once the Windows 10 Creators Update releases later this Spring.

At least now we can use the Adguard Adblock extension in Microsoft Edge, a feature that has stopped many users from switching over. It will be useful to silence sites that abuse readers with loud, obnoxious, and unwanted ads. Of course, it's worth noting that sites like OnMSFT rely on relevant advertisement to maintain the site and we appreciate our readers' patronage.

You can download these through the Windows Store by clicking the links below.

Adguard AdBlocker
Adguard AdBlocker
Developer: Performix
Price: Free
Rakuten: Get Cash Back For Shopping
Rakuten: Get Cash Back For Shopping


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