Add-Ins for Office get demoed by the Office Mechanics in Excel and Outlook

Add-Ins for Office get demoed by the Office Mechanics in Excel and Outlook

Productivity software remains the core business for Microsoft and the new add-in model demonstrates how the software has adapted to users. Gone are the days of exclusively using desktop programs because today everyone uses a mix of cloud, mobile apps, and desktop programs to access data and get work done. Microsoft Office may be one of the most famous desktop programs and Microsoft wants to adapt with users to keep Office useful and relevant even though work patterns have changed.

One major reason why Office holds such a tight grip on enterprise customers involves how Office has been extended via add-ins. These add-ins provide companies with specialized tools which can greatly increase the effectiveness of their employees. In addition to making employees more productive these add-ins can help use and access data which would previously be difficult or impossible to find. In this Office Mechanics video Microsoft shows how their partners like Uber, SAP, and Salesforce use add-ins to do more with their Excel documents and in Outlook

These new add-ins which can run across platform are a break from the old add-in model and are built upon web technologies. Since the add-ins are built with common code languages such as HTML and JavaScript developers can create add-ins and reach new customers and unlock new opportunities. These new add-ins will come soon to iPad apps and Office Online.

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