Activision tells you everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is well on its way, and it’s going to bring with it a pretty intense set of new game modes and features. To prep audiences for what awaits them when they open up the game on November 4th, Activision made a handy blog post that ran down each mode in depth.

Specialist mode

Fans were crying out for realism as Activision announced its next Call of Duty game, but felt left behind when they found out about the futuristic setting. To make some amends, the team behind Infinite Warfare has introduced Specialist mode: the most futuristic CoD mode yet. Your health doesn’t regen over time, you need a helmet to survive a headshot, getting shot in the legs slows you down, and your weapon can be shot out of your hands.

YOLO mode

You unlock this mode after beating the game in Specialist mode, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. True permadeath. If you die once, you need to start the whole game back over from the beginning. This is probably the most punishing CoD has ever been, and introduces a lot more challenge to the campaign.

Zombies in Spaceland

This year’s zombie mode brings with it a few new features, besides the awesome new eighties-inspired setting. N31L the challenge robot offers new challenges to complete for currency, candy machines give you perks, and you can burn Fate and Fortune cards for other gameplay bonuses.

Check out the full blog post for more info, including tweaks to multiplayer and the Playstation exclusive virtual reality experience.

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