Action Henk and Spareware formally announced for Xbox One

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Two new games have just been formally announced for future release on Microsoft’s Xbox One videogame console. The first is Spareware, a top-down co-op shooter which is being designed as a game that can be enjoyed casually but will offer a challenge for those gamers after something more difficult.

Spareware is being produced as part of Microsoft’s [email protected], a program build to encourage more indie developers to publish on the Xbox One console, and is due for release sometime in spring 2016.

The second title, Action Henk, is due for release in March 2016 and is a fast-paced on-rails platformer inspired by 90s nostalgia and action figures. Previous versions of the game have been single player only but the Xbox One release of Action Henk will contain a local multiplayer mode which promises to create a fresh experience for those that have played before.

Microsoft recently announced a whole host of details on new games coming to Xbox One such as the popular Doom and Rocket League. Which upcoming Xbox One game are you looking forward to the most? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below.

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