Achievement Unlocked! Check out this epic Xbox One controller cake

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A truly amazing individual by the name of Chelsey took her love of Xbox to the next level this week by creating a birthday cake in the shape of a white Xbox One controller. She posted some photos of it on her Twitter account and, as you can see, the end result is pretty impressive.

While the Xbox One Controller cake looks quite big, it’s actually on the small size as can be seen from a photo she tweeted comparing it to her fist.

The cake proved to be such a hit on Twitter that it garnered the attention of Microsoft’s own Phil Spencer who complimented the cook on her skills.

The cake also inspired others to share their own video game cakes such as this Xbox One cake…

and this PS4 one (which isn’t as powerful as the Xbox cake).

You can see more of Chelsey’s amazing cakes on her official Facebook page here.

Have you ever made a video game-themed cake? Let us know in the comments.

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