Aaron Paul's ad will turn your Xbox One on, in an annoying way

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Aaron Paul's  ad will turn your Xbox One on, in an annoying way

Several Xbox One users are angry at Aaron Paul. The Breaking Bad star appeared in a new Xbox One ad in which -- for whatever reason -- says “Xbox on” and is triggering several thousand users’ gaming consoles to switch on.

The new advertisement triggers the IR blaster resulting in turning on the Xbox One console. And no, it isn’t an ad for Microsoft’s Xbox One without Kinect. I checked with a few executives, really.

Several users took it to social media -- Twitter and Reddit -- to share their annoyance with each other. A user mildly said, "Damn commercial keeps turning on my xbox! Lol".

Now notably, this isn’t the first time an advertisement has appeared on TV that discomforted Xbox One users -- No, I am not talking about PlayStation Ads, or promos of games that were only available on other gaming console. Last year, an Internet ad featuring the Dead Rising 3 title was causing a similar glitch.

However, users do have the ability to turn off the Kinect sensor, and evidently, readers who’re thinking of getting an Xbox One -- which you should, as many new titles are coming on Xbox One later this year -- can in fact, get the Kinect-less Xbox One, and circumvent such annoyance -- and also save 100 bucks. Everybody wins?

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