Rudy Huyn's Windows Phone app for Instagram 6tag will soon support 1080x1080

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6tag will soon support 1080x1080

6tag, the third party Windows Phone app for Instagram, will soon support 1080p. Instagram began storing images at the higher resolution last week, a much requested feature, and developer Rudy Huyn is bringing support for the larger pictures only a few days later. 6tag is a feature rich third party alternative to the official Instagram app. The 6tag update was submitted last night by the apps developer, Rudy Huyn and will roll out shortly.

Rudy regularly tweets about his various apps and with this update he added some detail about how 6tag handles 1080x1080 images differently than the Instagram app on iOS and Android "About Instagram: ios and android current apps still upload 640x640 images, images are resized to 1080x1080 on servers,#6tag will upload them."

Rudy Huyn is well known in Windows Phone circles for his apps which provide third party support for many major services. In some cases, such as Dropbox, he works on their official application.

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