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The $50 Xbox One holiday promotion is not valid in Canada for reasons unknown

The $50 Xbox One holiday promotion is not valid in Canada

Not too long ago, Microsoft announced they are going to reduce the price of the Xbox One by $50 starting from November 2nd for the holiday season. This would bring the price of the Kinect-less Xbox One down to $349, and the Kinect One to $449 from $499. The promotion is also valid for the Xbox bundles Microsoft introduced.

It turns out the promotion is only valid for customers in the US, not in Canada. Microsoft’s spokesperson in Canada confirmed the company has no plans to offer the new promotion for the residents north of the border, but the new bundles will hit retail in the region. So, the price of the Xbox One in Canada is still $399 for the Kinect-free bundle, while Xbox One with Kinect costs $499. The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Sunset Overdrive bundles are also available in the region.

This is definitely a disappointing news for users residing in Canada, but you never know, Microsoft may have planned something different for its fans on the other side. 

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