3 more Xbox 360 games arrive on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility

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It is once again that time of week, and Major Nelson has announced 3 new Xbox One Backward Compatible titles. Heading over to the Xbox One through Backwards Compatibility this week is NIN2-JUMP, NEW RALLY-X, and Mr. DRILLER Online. As usual, we’ve given the titles a look and have included Microsoft’s download links and descriptions for you below.

NIN2-JUMP: $4.99

A shrewd ninja named NIN-JA stands up to rescue Princess SAKURA who was kidnapped by the evil ninja named NAMAKURA. Be the greatest ninja master in the world in Adventure Mode by flying freely with jump and chain action to clear all 50 stages while following the scenario, and in Score Attack Mode by keeping on attacking enemies appearing one after another. A high-speed shadow play, NIN2-JUMP presented by CAVE Company finally begins here! Your support fuels him up, so please back him up!


NEW RALLY-X: $4.99

Collect all the flags while avoiding enemy cars! With new features such as the Lucky Flag, which awards you points depending on your remaining fuel. Collect the Special Flag to double the points of all remaining flags! NEW RALLY-X, the sequel to RALLY-X, was released in 1981. It featured new courses and adjustments to the enemy cars, improving the overall game balance, as well as new graphics and BGM!

Mr. DRILLER Online: $4.99

The popular Mr. Driller series makes its debut on Xbox LIVE Arcade! Featuring an addictive single player mode, Online VS. play, simple controls and deep gameplay.

So, there you have it, those are the three new Xbox One Backward Compatible titles! What are your thoughts on these 3 Xbox One Backward Compatible titles? Do you already own any of these Xbox Live Arcade titles? Let us know in the comments below!

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