1TB Xbox One could be on the way with revised controller in tow

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1TB Xbox One on the way with revised controller in tow

Engadget has spotted an Amazon page (since taken down) that should be of some interest to our gamer friends.  The page listed an Xbox One with 1TB of storage and a new, slightly redesigned controller, for a price of $400.  Note that this version does not include the Kinect.

An entire terabyte’s worth of space may sound like a lot – remember the 64 megabyte N64 cartridges – but modern games are enormous, often taking 30 gigabytes or more.  Most current SKUs of the Xbox One come with 500 GB, which can therefore get eaten up pretty quickly.  The new controller will come with a standard 3.5mm headphone port, whereas the original version required a separately purchased adapter.

With E3 just around the corner, it’s no surprise that Microsoft has a few tricks up its sleeve in the battle against the PS4.  Although this generation of consoles is selling well, Microsoft is looking to erode Sony’s significant lead.  Do you think this SKU will help?