18.4 million Americans used Facebook to get a job, have you?

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In this day and age, the modern job seeker utilizes the internet for finding the right kind of work. But how much impact does social media play into job hunting? The results may shock you.

“The days of printing out a stack of resumes and handing them out at job fairs are definitely over. Social media is the new 24/7 job fair, providing amazing ways to constantly stay on the radar of prospective employers, but many people still don’t know how to utilize it. Don’t let your MBA go to waste,” states an infographic created by MBAOnline.com.

According to the infographic, 18.4 million Americans have used Facebook to get their current job. Twitter came in with 8 million and Linkedin at 10.2 million.

The creators of the infographic recommend that social network users, such as those on Facebook, “optimize” their profiles by having their qualifications posted in a note, that’s visible on your profile page.

Other statistics that describe the modern day job seeker include “9 in 10 job seekers have a profile on a social media site” and “54% of all job seekers have used Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin to find jobs.”

Vote in our poll below and lets hear your feedback in the comments below. Did you utilize a social network to get your current job or did you do it the old fashioned way?

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