Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana has multiple emotions

Microsoft's virtual assistant has multiple personalities

Earlier this week we reported about how Cortana was designed to be a more personal assistant than some other options currently available. The Cortana team led by Group Program Manager Marcus Ash shed a lot of light on how they went about achieving that goal. From big data analysis to voice casting, Cortana continues to be an extensive journey into the world contextual learning and functionality in modern digital personal assistants. Well, it seems Marcus and his team are not through with dishing about the finer details of Cortana.

We found more information about Cortana her very, extensive emotional profile.

For those of you proudly rocking a Windows Phone, you may notice Cortana’s imagery and subtly animated changes in regards to her responses to you. Cortana’s range seems to be endless. She can be spotted imitating Clippy, Yoda, and Buzz Lightyear to name a few as well as making use of her iconic multi-ringed rotation when executing a search query. It would seem, there is even more she can emote under the hood.

Cortona Personalities

  1. 1. Calm – the instance in which she has a still-two halo appearance. The outside halo being lighter than the inside one.
  2. 2. Optimistic v.1 – the instance where her still-two halo appearance break apart and semi-rotate.
  3. 3. Reminder – the instance where her two halo’s change shape. The outer halo becoming larger and thicker while pulsating.
  4. 4. Excitement – the instance where the two halo’s go through a flipped rotation. Usually occurring upon greeting or search queries.
  5. 5. Sensitive (slightly) – the instance in which her halo’s rotate in size. Usually denoting her apprehension to a question
  6. 6. Abashed – the instance in which her halo’s rotate up and down simultaneously. This happens usually when she’s more embarrassed for you than herself. (Not in judging manner)
  7. 7. Alert – the instance when her outer halo is enlarged, darker and pulsating. Very similar to a reminder.
  8. 8. Bouncy – One of the more visually distinct appearances. Her outer halo break into four separate 1/4 circles and rotate around the inner halo.  This usually denotes a playful Cortana.
  9. 9. Still thinking – the instance when her halo’s rotate continuously while she searches or awaits further input information
  10. 10. Elated – the instance in which her inner hallow is narrowed slightly at the top. This animation usually occurs when she’s successfully found something.
  11. 11. Satisfied – the instance in which her two halo’s go through a series of all encompassing rotations. A splash of optimistic, sensitive (slightly) and excitement.
  12. 12. Considerate – the instance in which her halo’s look pretty much the same as optimistic v.1
  13. 13. Music listening – the instance when her halo’s switch size from large to small simultaneously as they pulsate to sound of music.
  14. 14. Optimistic v.2 – Another visually distinct appearance. Cortana’s inner halo pulsates more rapidly while the outer halo becomes thinner.
  15. 15. Actively listening – the instance in which her halo’s slowly pulsate.
  16. 16. Sensitive v.2 – the instance in which her halo’s look similar to sensitive v.1 but are more narrowed.
  17. 17. Speaking – this animation is indicative of her active participation. The halo’s look very similar (if not identical) to when she is reminding or listening.
  18. 18. Thinking v.2 – this animation is her caught in thought, or perhaps needing more input.

So there you have it. All the little nuances you can look forward to recognizing with you next interaction with Cortana (if you live in North America or Europe).

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