13 new [email protected] games are coming soon to Xbox Game Pass for PC and console

Laurent Giret

All the News From the ID@Xbox Game Pass Fall 2019 Showcase Read more at https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2019/09/26/id-xbox-game-pass-fall-2019-news/#GC7HLQCZhuUwLA6H.99

Microsoft announced today during its [email protected] Game Pass Fall 2019 showcase that more [email protected] games are coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC and console in the next couple of months. There are already several indie games included in Microsoft’s game subscription service, but 13 new [email protected] titles will soon join Game Pass Across Console and PC, and you can find all details below.

  • Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC titles: Munchkin, Lonely Mountains: Downhill, Demon’s Tilt, Genesis Noir, Minit, The Talos Principle, Vambrace: Cold Soul:
  • Xbox Game Pass for Console titles: Yooka Laylee, The Escapists 2
  • Xbox Game Pass for PC titles: Cities: Skyline (Windows 10 Edition), Dead by Daylight, The Red Strings Club, State of Mind

You can watch the video of the [email protected] Game Pass Fall 2019 showcase below, which features video trailers for all these new games as well as interviews of some of the developers behind them.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate