128GB Surface Pro to go back in stock at MicrosoftStore.com by Saturday Feb 16th

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Surface Pro

The Surface Pro, powered by Windows 8 Pro, was officially launched online at MicrosoftStore.com, as well as BestBuy and Staples on the 9th of February, and within a few hours, the 128GB model of the Surface Pro sold out. Now, after almost a week, Microsoft has offered a timeframe on when this model will go back in stock.

In a tweet by Panos Panay, the man behind the Surface tablet, we have learned that the online Microsoft Store, as well as BestBuy will have the 128GB Surface Pro back in stock by Saturday February 16th. The 64GB Surface Pro is already on its way to BestBuy, Staples, and Microsoft Store at the time of this post. "There continues to be great demand. We’re working hard to restock so we can reach as many customers as soon as possible," Microsoft's Panos Panay stated on Twitter. Panay also mentioned that the company is "humbled by the customer demand" for the Surface Pro. This is great news for those who have been eagerly awaiting to purchase a new Surface Pro device.

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