10 Weird Clothing Items for Apple Lovers

Sometime we see and read some interesting things but then theres that one thing that makes you scratch your head and think ‘what were they thinking?’ Mashable has a list of weird-looking clothing items for hardcore gadget lovers. Among them are clothing for Apple lovers.

Mashable provides you with a list of ten wierd-looking clothing items for all you hardcore gadget lovers who wish they could wear what they use everyday. This list includes some hot items for Apple lovers, including an iTee, iDress, iPod Coat, and iPad Suit.

On its official website, the iTee is “perfect for men and women with a digital lifestyle.” Apparently, the protective and near invisible front pouch stores and carries your iPad with you on the move.


The iDress is a black, above the knee, short sleeved dress with a built in protected pouch to carry and store your iPad without hindering your movement or style. Who says women cant look classy with this dress?

The iPad Suit is perfect for those who want to look professional but are addicted to their iPad. Now you can go on a date, look very sharp, and still be on your iPad while you are in the restroom away from your date.

“Do you love your gadgetry so much you wish you could wear it? Well actually, you can. There are some rad ranges of great garmentry out there designed especially for the connected consumer. Whether you want built-in headphones, pockets perfect for your iPod or even clothing capable of making calls, we’ve found fashionable options for you.”

Visit Mashable for the full list of gadget clothes.

Heres our question. Would anyone ever consider wearing any of these items?

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