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Windows 10 How-To: Send Bluetooth files, pictures, music and video across devices

Remember the days when Bluetooth was such a big deal? It finally gave us an easy way to share files with other. It got faster and more efficient with every iteration, it was great for certain types of files, like documents and music, but less so for large videos, which is where cloud storage comes into play.

Still, Bluetooth remained a reliable way for direct file transfer when cloud storage isn’t an option because of a slow internet connection for example. In Windows 10, sending files across devices via Bluetooth is a straightforward process, although it could be simpler. Here’s how to do it:


Step 1: Find the Bluetooth icon in the bottom right of your taskbar, it may be under the ‘Show hidden icons’ arrow, and right-click it.


Step 2: Choose whether you want to send or receive a file from the PC. When sending, simply select the device you want to send the file to (make sure Bluetooth is set to discoverable on that device), then select the file you want to send. When receiving, initiate the sending process on the device you are receiving from and the file should start transferring.

Note that you may have to pair both the sending and receiving devices together before you can start sending files over. To do so, launch Settings on your PC, then Devices, then Bluetooth. Again, make sure your other device has Bluetooth set to discoverable (consult your device manual if you’re unsure how). Other Windows 10 PCs automatically do this once in the Bluetooth settings. Click pair when you see your device listed, and follow the instructions presented. Then follow the two steps above to start sending/receiving files.

If you’re looking for alternative direct methods of sending files across devices, try Wi-Fi Direct, although it isn’t as widely supported as Bluetooth. How often do you find yourself using Bluetooth to send files across devices? Let us know in the comments section below.

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