Windows 10 How-To: Disable automatic app updates in the Windows Store

Staff Writer

A lot of us don’t have unlimited internet these days, or, unlimited data plans on our smartphones and tablets, the last thing you want is Windows stealing all your precious megabytes and resulting in a massive bill or completely cut off from the internet itself because Windows absolutely needed to update MSN Money, it was for the great or good.

So let’s avoid that scenario shall we? It’s super easy to disable automatic updates and will save you a massive headache in the long run, let’s start.

  • Step 1: Open the Windows Store in Windows 10
  • Step 2: Navigate to your settings

Top right hand side, you should see a little account picture of yourself (if you set it like that) or a white and grey box, this is your account.

Click your account picture and then click Settings

  • Step 3: Turn off Automatic Updates

Under App updates, toggle “Update apps automatically” to off

  • Step 4: Profit.

How easy is that?! No more bandwidth stealing, data hogging and updating of apps you will and or have never used before, it’s worth nothing you can still update your apps, just tell the store to check for updates and it will let you install them, if you really need the latest version of MSN Money, it’s your call. I hope this has helped you, make sure you share with your friends so they don’t get heavy bills and no internet, you’ll be a hero.

NOTE: Disabling app updates is only possible in Windows 10 Pro. Windows 10 Home users will have the option set to ‘on’ and grayed out. Read more about this here.