Windows 10 How-to: Syncing PC settings across all your Windows 10 devices

Windows 10 How To: Sync Settings

Since Windows 8, users have had the ability to sync their PC’s settings across all of their Windows devices. This useful ability allows you to carry over a number of features tied to your Microsoft account, from the cosmetic, like your theme, to the more practical, like web browser settings and passwords.

Windows 10 has continued offering this integration across all your devices in a more consolidated way with the new Settings app. In case you want to make sure your settings are turned on, or want to prevent certain settings from syncing, this guide will show you how to access your controls for either option.

How to sync your settings in Windows 10

First, to get to your Windows 10 Settings app, click the start menu in the bottom left corner. The Settings app’s default position is just three up the list of apps from the bottom.

Windows 10 How To: Sync Settings

Quick reminder: any Universal App, traditional Win32 program, file or setting on your Windows 10 PC can be found simply by starting to type the name of it into Cortana’s search box next to the start menu. I would have recommended that process here to find the Settings app, but rather than typing settings it is quicker to in two clicks hit Start and hit Settings.

From the Settings app, click Accounts, as the controls for Windows 10 sync features have been moved into the Accounts settings.

Windows 10 How To: Sync Settings

Now that you are in the Accounts section of the Settings App, click “Sync your settigns” to view all of the sync settings that can be toggled on and off.

Windows 10 How To: Sync Settings

From the “Sync your settings” view you will be able to completely turn off Sync settings if you wish to keep all of your settings specific to that one device. Or you can toggle Individual sync settings, leaving some to work across all of your Windows 10 devices and others as purely local settings unique to certain devices. The options for Individual Sync Settings includes Theme, Web browser settings, Passwords, Language preferences, Ease of Access, and Other Windows settings.

And that’s it, once you have selected your sync settings options they will either be kept specifically on that device or shared across any Windows 10 device you log into with your Microsoft account. Be sure to check back with WinBeta for all your needs on upgrading to Windows 10 and getting your device running the way you want it.

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