Windows 10: How to set your default apps for email, web browser, and more


Windows 10: How to set your default apps for email, web browser, and more

You want to change the default app that opens up .JPG files but you hate going through the tedious process of doing it. You launch the Control Panel, and click the Programs category. You then click Default Programs and select the option to set your default programs. From there you can select a particular program to open a particular file extension. 

But what if there were an easier way to change the default apps on Windows? Thanks to Windows 10, Microsoft has made it slightly easier to adjust which app opens up a .JPG file or which web browser should be your default.

Simply launch the Settings app, select or tap System, and go into the Default apps category. From there, you can pick which email app or application to use by default, which maps app to use, which music player to set as your default, and much more.

For example, if you want the ability to double click a file (a .JPG in this example) and have it open your app of choice, you can make that default association in this area of the Settings app. If you want to reset everything to factory defaults, Microsoft has added a reset button. You can even choose default apps by file type or by protocol. You can even set defaults by app!

Apps can no longer automatically change your default settings in Windows 10. Instead, you will now be prompted to make a particular app your default. Here’s what Microsoft had to say about it:

“In Windows 8.1, Classic Windows applications (Win32) could invoke the prompt asking you to change your defaults, so you may have seen multiple prompts during install and after they launched. However, Windows Store apps could not invoke this prompt. Instead, a notification banner will appear after your apps are installed telling you that new apps are available and you would click on this banner to change your defaults.”

How do you like the new modern Settings app on Windows 10? Do you find yourself using it or sticking to the old Control Panel?