Windows 10 How To: Customize your quick settings in the Action Center

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Of the probable hundreds of settings in Windows, there are only a handful that you may use on a daily a basis. Windows 10 makes it easier to get to those settings by putting them in the Action Center, just one swipe away from the desktop. But not everyone uses the same set of settings daily, so here’s how you can choose the ones you want quick access to.

Step 1: Swipe in from the left edge of your screen, or click the notifications icon in your taskbar to open the Action Center

Step 2: Towards the bottom, click the All Settings button, it may be hidden under the ‘Expand’ arrow.

Step 3: Click ‘System’, then ‘Notifications & actions’

Step 4: Under ‘Quick actions’ simply click on the boxes to choose which settings you want appearing as the first four toggles in the Action Center

There you have it! Desktop users may want to change the Tablet Mode toggle as the feature is disabled on devices without a touch screen.

Windows 10 how to: customize your quick settings in the action center

Which toggles do you find yourself using most often, and are there any settings you would like to see added to the quick actions list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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