How to use Grammarly on a Windows PC

Shaant Minhas

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If your day-to-day work involves any form of writing, then a typing assistant app that checks your grammar, spelling, clarity, etc., is beyond indispensable; in fact, at this point, it’s almost a necessity. 

Grammarly is one such popularly known writing assistant. In addition, Grammarly is available for Windows as a browser extension and as a Windows app. So let’s see how you can use Grammarly on your Windows with both methods.

How to use Grammarly on Windows

For Windows users, the Grammarly writing assistant is available in three different modes. It’s open to being used as both a Windows app and as a browser extension. Let’s check out all the different methods one by one.

Grammarly for Windows

To download the Grammarly Windows app, head to the Windows section of Grammarly website and grab the .exe installer file.

Launch the app, and you’ll see two options on the main screen: Sign up or Sign in. If you have a Grammarly account, select the Sign in option; click on the Signup option otherwise. 

grammarly windows app

I already have an account, so I’ll enter the relevant credentials, and the Grammarly app will be launched. If a new tab opens up, then close that tab and launch the app from the Start menu again. This time you should see something like this.  

grammarly windows app sign up

Click on New Document, and your default browser will launch a new tab. This is basically the space where you can do all of your writing. 

grammarly app

You can also make small changes to your app right from the settings section of your app. First, go back to the main screen of your Grammarly app and click on Settings. From there, click on the Customization tab, and you’ll see a bunch of options you can fiddle with; this includes things like the writing style, tone, language, and the startup launch option. 

Click on Account. Here, you can see all the user details like your username and email address. You can also sign out of your PC from here if you like.

Get the Grammarly browser extension

Alternatively, you can also download the Grammarly browser extensions, which will improve your clarity, grammar, and writing style just as well as the Grammarly app.

The browser extension works everywhere you can write online—on your emails, your writing docs, and even your social media. 

To install the extension, head to the browser extension section and click on the Install now tab—a dialog box will pop up. Then click on Add extension, and the new extension will get downloaded. 

grammarly browser extension

You’ll then be asked to sign in to your account. Do that, and your Grammarly extension will be enabled. Now, anytime you type in with a spelling or grammar error, you’ll automatically get notified by a red underline on your screen. 

Using Grammarly on your Windows PC

Using Grammarly can take your writing up a notch—both in its clarity and efficiency—because of the AI-powered algorithms behind it. If you’re a Windows user, try your hand at both of these methods from above and stick with the one you find best.