How to use Emoji on your keyboard on Windows

Shaant Minhas

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man seated on desk using emoji on PC

Communication is difficult. And when you’re communicating through text, it’s not uncommon to misrepresent the things you want to say or do.

This is where Emojis can help. First introduced with mobile phones in Japan back in the 90s, They can help you convey your ideas or emotions more clearly. Luckily, you can use the effect of Emojis on your Windows computer as well. Microsoft first debuted emojis in Windows 8 and changed how people communicate completely.

In this article, we’ll cover the steps that you need to follow for adding in and using emojis through your Windows keyboard. Let’s get started.

How to use emoji on Windows 10

You can easily add emojis to Windows through a simple keyboard shortcut. Here’s how.

  1. Open any text editor app. For example Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Edge, or any other related app.
  2. Next, head to any area on the text editor and press the Windows key + ; or Windows key + . shortcut.
  3. Select the emoji tab and pick any emoji you’d like to insert into your text.

adding emojis to notepad

That’s it. Do this and your selected emoji will be inserted into your text. Alternatively, if you want to find an emoji that you want to use quicker, you can type in its name in the emoji search bar instead of scrolling through the entire list.

Some other fun stuff

Apart from emojis, you can also use symbols or kaomoji on your texts on Windows. Kaomoji is part of the Windows 11 emoji keyboard offering that features a separate symbol section. You can use it to add symbols, math symbols, as well as general punctuation marks to your text.

The process of using kaomoji is similar to the one highlighted above up to the second step. Then, instead of the emoji icon, select the smiley or symbol tab.

You can then pick any style you want to choose by clicking on its tab and selecting the specific emoticon.


What’s more, you can use the Windows 11 emoji keyboard to add GIFs to your conversations. GIFs are one of the easiest ways people use to express themselves. Essentially, GIFs support both static and animated images, thus making it easier for users to convey the message they want to pass to the recipient with a personal touch.


This reduces the need of expressing yourself too much using words. You can just send out a GIF with a caption in response to a text.

And lastly, the emoji keyboard now features a Clipboard History section which makes it easier for users to access copied items in one convenient location. The section supports HTML, images, and texts thus enhancing your productivity. It is worth noting that it has the capability of storing 25 entries of copied items.

Picking and choosing Emoji on your keyboard

Emojis and other symbols can make your texts or messages more lively. That’s why we’ve covered a guide on adding and using emojis on your Teams app as well. For your Windows PC, follow the methods above and you can easily include an emoji through your keyboard just the same. The only thing you then have to make sure you’re using the correct emoji!