How to schedule an email on Outlook

Shaant Minhas

outlook email

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Sending or responding to emails is a big part of any modern computer worker of the 21st century. However, you don’t have to send or respond to all emails exactly when you type them out or receive them.  

And that’s precisely where scheduling your Outlook mail can come in handy. While there are a host of pros to picking a set time to send your emails, in this article, we’ll stick with the exact step-by-step process to cover this task. So let’s dive in.

How to schedule an email on Outlook Web

The whole process is reasonably straightforward. We’ll illustrate this by laying out the steps as they have to be executed on Outlook web first. Head to your Outlook web account, and create an email as you usually would. Enter the email address, the subject, and the content as you do when typing out a regular mail.

Finally, click on the drop-down menu right next to the Send button. From there, select the Send later option to set up a schedule. 

test mail on outlook

As you can see below, a new dialog box will pop up—I get two automated scheduled times to pick from right away: Tomorrow morning or Sunday morning.   

There’s also an option to set up a custom time; click on Custom time, and you can then pick the correct date and time to send over your files without any hassles. Finally, click on Send. That’s it—your email will be scheduled to be sent at a later specified time.

scheduling a custom email

An exciting feature of scheduling your emails is the flexibility it provides to its users. So, if you change your mind later on and now want to either change the timing or delete the email right away, then you can do that easily.

Head to the Draft tab, where you’ll find your drafted message. Hover your mouse over the draft and select the recycle bin icon to delete your files. Alternatively, if you want to change the timings, click on the drop-down pencil icon and click on Modify Email. As soon as you do that you’ll be able to tweak your message and timings simultaneously.  

modifying outlook mail

Scheduling an email on Outlook app

Just as in Outlook Web above, you can also schedule your messages on the Outlook app. Here’s how:

  • Click on More options arrow from the Tags group.
  • Under the Delivery options section, select the Do not deliver before checkbox and pick a delivery date and time.
  • Select Close.
  • When you’re done with your messages, click on Send.

As soon as you do this, your message will get stored in your email Outbox—when the specific time and date arrives the email will get delivered automatically.

Scheduling an email on Outlook

Scheduling your emails on Outlook can help you in many ways; you can make any last-minute changes at will, fix major blunders that might get you in trouble, and so on. And, as you saw above, as an Outlook user the process of setting up an Outlook email is straightforward as well.