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How to save emails from Outlook web

How to save emails from Outlook web

If you're looking to save emails from your Outlook web, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install a free third-party email client (We've used Thunderbird).
  • Login using your Outlook account and set up the IMAP configuration.
  • To save specific mails, right-click on the mail, select Save As... and your messages will be stored.
  • Alternatively, you can also save multiple emails. Press Ctrl + A to select all mails, and click on Save As... to save all your mails.

The Outlook web app is a good tool to use the Outlook email service—the other being the Outlook PC app—which makes email access and management a swift process. Unlike Gmail, the Outlook web app gives you a host of ways to categorize your data—be it through folders, categories, search folders, and so on.

At times, though, you might want to save your emails from Outlook web to your PC. Here’s how you can do that.

How to save emails from Outlook web

Saving your Outlook web mails is fairly straight word process. All you need to a good desktop email client, login into your Outlook account through it, and you’ll be good to go. So let’s get started.

Get a desktop email client

In our case, we’ll be using the Thunderbird desktop email client. Why? It’s free; open source; and trusted worldwide. You’ll first need to head to the official Thunderbird website, and download the app from there.

When you’re done, open the app and login with your Outlook email account. When you do that, you’ll then get asked for choosing a configuration for your emails: IMAP, POP3, or Exchange/Office365.

Select IMAP and finalize the configuration.

Now your Outlook emails will get synced in your Thunderbird client. All you’ve to do is to save the mails now. 

If there are any specific emails you want to save, select the emails individually, right-click on them, and then select Save As…

Your emails will be saved instantly.

Alternatively, if you would like to save all the emails, go to a specific section, say, the Inbox, press Ctrl + A to select all the mails, and then select Save As…


Now pick the location on your PC where you’d like to save your Outlook webmail and select OK. All your emails will be downloaded in a few minutes or seconds.

Saving emails from Outlook web

Saving your Outlook web mails doesn’t have to be overly complicated. All you need is a good desktop email client and you, too, can download your Outlook web mails. Hopefully, this short guide helped do just that.

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