How to save or forget passwords in Microsoft Edge on Windows 11

Dave W. Shanahan


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Whenever I need to save or forget passwords in Microsoft Edge, the browser does an exceptional job at saving my passwords so much that I often take it for granted. Being able to “set it and forget it” with a convenient and secure way to save my login information is a real life safer for people like me that can’t seem to remember any of their passwords.

Save passwords

If you are signed in to your Microsoft Edge browser, here’s what you need to do to save a password.

When you visit a website that also requires you to sign in, Edge will prompt you to whether or not you want to save or forget your login details. So the next time you visit the site, Edge will login on your behalf. Password saving is on by default, so there’s no way you would be able to forget any passwords, but here’s how to turn it off.

1. Open Microsoft Edge
2. Go to Settings and more (three-dot menu) > Settings > Passwords & autofill
forget passwords3. Turn Offer to save passwords to Off

Keep in mind, that turning this setting to Off does not delete any of your previously saved passwords in Microsoft Edge. If you want to delete your previously saved passwords in Edge, follow these steps.

Forget passwords

1. Go to Settings > Privacy & security
2. Go to Choose what to clear under Clear browsing data
3. Check Passwords and select Clear Now to delete your previously saved passwords
forget passwords

If you are like me, you might be looking to cut down the amount of online accounts that you own, this is the best way to see how many passwords Microsoft Edge has saved and whether or not you really need to rely on passwords anymore.

Microsoft Edge has a number of other features, including the Edge Bar and the Immersive Reader. You can even decorate Edge with Halo TV themes now!

How do you save (or forget) passwords in Microsoft Edge? Let us know in the comments!