4 ways to really mess up your Windows Security

Shaant Minhas

online hacking

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Improving your Windows security is easy and boring, but what’s easier is messing it up totally. You’ve all read those boring guides that tell you what to do with your PC. Hell, I’ve dabbled in creating some of those myself. But, let’s be real, how many people do you know that actually follow all the security precautions. So, I thought about trying something a little different for a change.

And that’s why you’re reading this article. Here, I’ll cover the exact steps you need to follow, and destroy your Windows security in the process. Let’s start with a personal favorite of mine.

1. Method 0 to wreck your Windows Security

Where else to start on your mission to tear down your security than with the most important aspect of your Security itself, i.e., the Windows Security.

Windows Security is your first line of defense against malware attacks. Take that down, and you’re open wide open to a barrage of regular online attacks. Just go to the settings and turn off the feature, and viola, you’re open to all kinds of malware.

2. Turn off Windows Updates

Unfortunately, software isn’t perfect. As a result, it keeps breaking down and becomes outdated with time. Companies have entire departments dedicated to improving the existing software, and they push these changes or additions as updates.

Microsoft is no different. It releases plenty of updates throughout the year for its Windows users, that carry with them a host of bug removals or security updates. So, for the minimalists out there, turning off a Windows update is a one of the big one to wreck your security.

3. Don’t lock your PC

This point, I believe, will ring true most to the ‘nothing to hide’ crowd out there. For the uninitiated, there’s a popular myth out there. It goes something like this: If you’ve nothing to hide, you don’t need to worry about your security.

While this creed is popular when referring to online privacy, countless people tend to carry this maxim to other areas of life.

For Windows, this emerges in the form of not caring about your user accounts and access, and therefore not keeping separate accounts for your Windows users. Suffice to say, doing this is a surefire way to leave your PC vulnerable to unauthorized access.

4. Using the same email passwords, everywhere

Tired of all remembering all those lengthy, complex passwords for so many accounts for your PC? First it’s the password of your user accounts, then your emails, then the different Microsoft products like Teams, Outlook—the list goes on.

No problem. All it takes to simplify things is just a bit of laziness, and you too can use the same passwords of all your Windows and Microsoft products.

All about your Windows Security

So, now you know some of the best ways to wreck your security settings. Although, there are more, and I’m pretty positive someone, somewhere can come up with even more heinously crazy ways to mess up their security—keeping the tradition of completely preventable security scams alive and kicking.