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How to change the Windows 10 user account type of a friend or family member

If you want to change the user account type of a friend or family to give them more or less control over the computer, it's pretty easy to do. You might want to change this to either protect your PC from other users or to give a user additional permissions so they can install new software. There are two different account types.

An Administrator is someone who has total control over the computer. He or she can install software or hardware, change advanced settings, manage other user accounts, access all files, and other things that can affect all users of the computer. If you are the owner of the computer and the first user, you are already an Administrator.

A Standard User is someone who can only make changes to his or her user account, access his or her files, and change settings that will only affect him or her. This is ideal if you have a child or someone else that you only want to give basic permissions to. This is the default account type for additional users on a computer.

To change user account permissions,

  1. Open the Settings app located on the Start menu's sidebar, click or touch Accounts, and navigate to Family and other users.
  2. Click on the account you want to change on your computer, and click Change account type.
    Windows 10 manage user accounts
  3. Select either Administrator or Standard User from the drop-down menu and click OK.Change account type in Windows 10

Now you have successfully chanced the user account type and the permissions that user has over the computer. If the user is already signed in, he or she will also need to sign out before the changes will take effect.

If you want to add another friend of family account to your PC, you can follow this guide right here. If you are looking to delete another account your computer, follow this guide.

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