How to import Outlook emails to Gmail

Shaant Minhas

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Outlook is a great email tool that helps you not only deal with the daily work and personal emails, but also lets you organize things in a way that other emails providers don’t.

However, people deciding to switch services isn’t uncommon. If you’re at a place where you’d like to switch your Outlook email services to Gmail, then you’re most certainly not doing anything out of place.

An important facet of changing your email service provider, however, is to move your old emails to new services as well. If you’re switching to Gmail, for instance, you definitely need to take all your data along with you. Let’s learn how to exactly do that.

How to import Outlook emails to Gmail

To move your Outlook emails and other related data to Gmail, you’ll have to access your Gmail email account. Here’s how.

Login into your Gmail account and head to the Settings option. It’s located in the top-right corner, next to your account profile.

Select See all settings.

gmail settings

In the new dialog box, select the Accounts and Import tab. From the Import mail and contacts section, select Import mail and contacts.

gmail account

A new dialog box will be launched. Type in your Outlook email address here and select Continue. Another new window will be launched; from here, click on Continue again.

Now, click on Yes to provide any new permissions you’d like to, and finally close the dialog box.

Alright, just a few steps more. Now, pick the options you want to choose from here:

  • Import contacts
  • Import mail
  • Import new mail for next 30 days—messages you receive at your address will be sent to your Gmail inbox automatically for a month.

Finally, click on Select import and then select OK. As soon as you do this, the import of your Outlook emails to Gmail will begin.

Importing your Outlook emails to Gmail

As soon you hit OK from above, the transfer of your Outlook emails to Gmail will begin. Note that you don’t have to keep your Gmail account on while this happening; the import process will go on regardless if it’s open or not. So, yeah, that’s how you go about importing your Outlook emails to Gmail.