How to create multiple desktops with Task View in Windows 10

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Virtual Desktops

With the new Windows 10 Technical Preview, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Task View which allows you to have more than one desktop operating at one time. This means you can have multiple windows open across different desktop environments, and switching between them is a breeze.

If you’re unsure where this new ability is or how to use it, we’ve written out a super-easy guide for you to follow. Just check out the steps below and you’ll be operating multiple desktops like a pro.

  1. Click on the Task View button on the Taskbar (it looks like two rectangles)
  2. Click “Add new Desktop”
  3. Switch to your newly created desktop by clicking on it
  4. Alternatively, use keyboard shortcuts WIN+CTRL+D to create a new desktop.

To switch between each desktop:

  1. Click on the Task View button again
  2. Select an already-open Desktop
  3. Alternatively, use the keyboard command WIN+CTRL and LEFT or RIGHT to switch between already open desktops

And there you have it, you’re now ready to begin using Task View. If you’re a power user, this feature is very useful if you have multiple windows open at any given time.

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