How to use keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Teams

Dave W. Shanahan

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Keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Teams helps people work and collaborate more efficiently. If you are already using your keyboard to chat with people in Microsoft Teams, then it makes sense to use keyboard shortcuts. Moreover, keyboard shortcuts can be easier to use than a touchscreen and are oftentimes a better alternative to using a mouse.

Microsoft Teams has a good list of keyboard shortcuts available on Windows 10, and you can always see the full list by holding down Ctrl + Period (.). All told, there are 38 keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Teams.

Some shortcuts that work in the Microsoft Teams desktop app do not work the same in the Microsoft Teams web app, or require a completely different keyboard shortcut, so beware. Some keyboard shortcuts are different on the web app. Here is the full list of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Teams on Windows 10.


Show full list of keyboard shortcuts = Ctrl + Period (.)
Go to Search bar = Ctrl + E
Show commands = Ctrl + Slash (/)
Go to = Ctrl + G (web app: Ctrl + Shift + G)
Start a new chat = Ctrl + N (web app: Left Alt + N)
Open Settings = Ctrl + Comma (,)
Open Help = F1 (web app: Ctrl + F1)
Close = Esc
Zoom In = Ctrl + Equals sign (=)
Zoom Out = Ctrl + Minus sign (-)


Open Activity = Ctrl + 1 (web app: Ctrl + Shift + 1)
Open Chat = Ctrl + 2 (web app: Ctrl + Shift + 2)
Open Teams = Ctrl + 3 (web app: Ctrl + Shift + 3)
Open Calendar = Ctrl + 4 ( web app: Ctrl + Shift + 4)
Open Calls = Ctrl + 5 (web app: Ctrl + Shift + 5)
Open Files = Ctrl + 6 (web app: Ctrl + Shift + 6)
Go to Previous List Item = Left Alt + Up Arrow key
Go to Next List Item = Left Alt + Down Arrow Key
Go to Next Section = Ctrl + F6
Go to Previous Section = Ctrl + Shift + F6
Move Selected Team Up = Ctrl + Shift + Up
Move Selected Team Down = Ctrl + Shift + Down


Go to compose box = C
Expand compose box = Ctrl + Shift + X
Send (expanded compose box) = Ctrl + Enter
Attach file = Ctrl + O
Start a new line = Shift + Enter
Reply to thread = R
Mark as important = Ctrl + Shift + I

Meetings & Calls

Accept video call = Ctrl + Shift + A
Accept audio call = Ctrl + Shift + S
Decline call = Ctrl + Shift + D
Start audio call = Ctrl + Shift + C
Start video call = Ctrl + Shift + U
Toggle mute = Ctrl + Shift + M
Toggle video = Ctrl + Shift + O
Toggle full screen = Ctrl + Shift + F 
Go to sharing toolbar = Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar

At the moment, Microsoft does not allow you to customize your own keyboard shortcuts. Of course, you cannot disable the hotkeys in Microsoft Teams either. If you are using keyboard shortcuts for accessibility reasons and need some help, the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk is a great resource to get support for Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft applications.

Again, anytime you forget any keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Teams, you can always use the Ctrl + Period (.) to bring up the full list. You may find some keyboard shortcuts that you use more than others. For macOS users, Microsoft Teams has separate, but still very helpful keyboard shortcut list too.

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