How to stop Microsoft Teams from auto-starting on Windows 10

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One common problem that many people have complained about with Microsoft Teams is that the app will auto-start every time you boot up your computer. For productivity purposes, this is often by design, as you’ll be able to jump back into your chats and your work. But, what if you want to turn it off and manually start the app each time? This guide will explain just that.

From inside the Teams app

To stop Microsoft Teams from auto-starting, you’ll have to visit the settings from within the app in Windows 10. You can do this by clicking your profile photo, then choosing Settings. Under Application, there should be a checkbox for Auto-start application. You’ll want to make sure that this checkbox is clear and then unchecked. Once done, the app will no longer auto-start every time you boot up your computer.

You also might want to uncheck the boxes that say Open application in the background and On close, keep the app running. These options makes it so that if you close the application it won’t keep running. When this setting is turned off, closing the app will instead close it out entirely and force it to reboot every time. This is a good option to check if you’re having issues with messages, or other problems with Teams. It will give it a fresh start every time you boot it up.

From the Task Manager

Usually changing the setting in Microsoft Teams will stop the app from auto-launching, but if it is still bothering you every time you start your PC, you can ease the pain. Simply visit Task Manager to control your startup programs.

To do this, Press CTRL+ALT+ESC together on your keyboard. When Task Manager launches, be sure to click the Startup app. You should see a list of programs. Look for Microsoft Teams, and when you see it, right-click it and choose Disable. This will stop your PC from launching Teams whenever you log in.

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