How-to start with Microsoft Learn

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Microsoft recently announced a new learning platform so you can educate yourself about Azure, PowerApps, Dynamics 365, Flow, PowerBI, with more coming soon to acquire skills to advance your career. This tutorial will guide you through your first steps through Microsoft Learn. Don’t worry since it’s all free!

First, if you have not set up a Microsoft Account, you would need to get one (skip this step if you already have one).

  1. Just click “Sign in” on this page and click “Create one!”, fill in your details, and you’re done.MSACreate Annotation
  2. Now that we’re ready to start, click here, and sign in.
  3. Click “Start learning for free” OR “Select your role” – this will give you a good learning path to start with.

Bonus Tip: If you’re wondering what the cloud is and how does it work for your business, check this module first before your start – Cloud Computing Concepts.

MSLearn chooseyourpath1

Each module has units to complete and shows you how long it will take.

The first one, for example – Tour Azure services and features – has 10 units to complete and shows the approximate time in blue, although it may take you a little more time if you’re a beginner. It’s your best start with Azure, and even as an administrator myself, I picked up some useful tips.

What I also find useful is the XP points, and how much you earned on this module, and what level you are at.

So go ahead, click on your first unit and get started. Read along, and click “Next” at each step.

Firstpage MSLearn Annotation1

If Azure is not your cup of tea, you can try out other courses for free, for different roles – Azure Developer, Administrator or Solution Architect, Business User or Analyst. Power BI courses are part of the Business User or Analyst role path.

PowerBI Module


You can also browse the catalog for all courses, but make sure you keep it bookmarked since it will be updated on a regular basis.