How to set a timer on a Windows 10 PC

James Walker

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Windows 10 Alarms and clocks

Need to set a timer on Windows 10? You don’t have to visit a website or install extra software. Instead, open your Start menu and launch the “Alarms & Clock” app.

Timers in Windows 10

Click the “Timer” button in the tab bar at the top of the app. This screen lets you configure multiple timers and save them for later use. Timers aren’t deleted until you manually remove them, so you can set up frequently used timers once and then reuse them on multiple occasions. This is ideal for a kitchen PC, where you could preset timers for your favourite recipes.

Timers in Windows 10

To add a new timer, click the “+” button at the bottom of the app. Use the rotary menus to select the nuber of hours, minutes and seconds to time. You can assign an optional name to identify the timer within the app.

Timers in Windows 10

Once you’ve configured the timer, click the Play button in the bottom-right (triangle icon) to save it. It will immediately start timing. When the countdown expires, you’ll get an alarm notification. On modern hardware, this should sound even if the PC is asleep. You’ll see a yellow warning in the app if this isn’t the case.

Once the timer has expired, you can reuse it by clicking the reset arrow above its name. Then click the Play button to start the countdown again. Timers can be removed by right-clicking and selecting “Delete,” which helps you tidy up the timers list.