How to roll your Windows 10 Mobile phone back to Windows 8.1

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In a few hours, Microsoft is set to release a new Windows 10 Mobile build, 10572. There’s only one problem, and just like the last Windows 10 Mobile build, you can’t go from a previous Windows 10 Mobile build to this one, you have to roll your phone back to Windows Phone 8.1, and start over.  If you held out last time, or just want a refresher on how to roll back, keep reading.

The need to roll back will be fixed soon, as early as next week (maybe Tuesday?), and possibly with build 10575, although Microsoft may choose to use a later build depending on how things go with internal testing.

Nevertheless, for now, if you want the latest bits, you’ll need to roll back.

The short answer is to use the Windows Device Recovery Tool. Install the tool onto your Windows machine.  You’ll need to pay attention to the prerequisites, which are quite modest:

Prerequisites for your computer (PC):

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or newer.
  • USB cable to connect your phone to the computer.
  • Minimum 4 GB free storage space.

Then download and install the Recovery Tool, connect your phone, and follow the prompts. A few months ago, we posted a more generalized How-To on using the Recovery Tool, including this video:

Don’t forget to install the Windows Insider app, and set yourself up to accept Fast Ring updates, or you won’t be offered the latest bits.

I just completed the process myself (again), and it’s pretty seamless, so if you want to try out the latest that Windows 10 Mobile has to offer and don’t want to wait for a “fixed” build, go ahead and give the Recovery Tool a try.



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