How to remove Microsoft Teams Chat App in Windows 11

Arif Bacchus

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You might already be using Microsoft Teams for work, but there’s also a consumer version of Microsoft Teams built into Windows 11. You’ll notice it in your Taskbar as a “Chat” app, but did you know you can remove it you don’t want it, or if you want to spare some space on your PC? It’s a relatively simple process, and today we’ll show you how.

A visit to the settings app

Teams Chat uninstall

All it takes to remove the Teams chap app on Windows 11 is to go to the settings app. You can do this by clicking the Windows Key and I on your keyboard. Then, from there, head to the sidebar and click on Apps. There will then be an additional link to Apps & features. Click this, and look for Microsoft Teams in the list.

You might see two versions of Microsoft Teams on the list. One is for work and school, and the other is the consumer version. The consumer version of Teams has a square icon with a blue background. The work and school version has no blue background and just the Teams logo. Make sure you uninstall the right one. You usually can tell, because the Chat app will have an install date further back in the past.

To uninstall, click the three downwards facing dots, and choose Uninstall. The chat app will then be removed from your PC!

How to reinstall the Teams Chat app

Teams chat reinstall

If you end up wanting to reinstall the Teams Chat app, then don’t worry. Removing it doesn’t mean you can’t install it again. All you need to do is visit Microsoft’s website. Then, choose the Download the free app button. Open the installer, run in, and you’ll be back and up and running with the Teams Chat app!