How to install themes from the Windows Store in Windows 10

James Walker

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The Windows 10 Creators Update introduced a reinvented desktop theming experience. You can now download and install themes from a curated selection in the Windows Store, making it simpler to refresh the look and feel of your PC.

Themes that change the desktop background, accent colour, sounds and cursor are a long-established part of Windows. With the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft gave the theming interface a makeover, bringing it into the Settings app. It handed the role of its old theme sharing website to the Windows Store.

Screenshot of Windows 10 Theme settings page

Themes don’t show up as their own section in the Store. You can only access them from the “Themes” page of the Settings app, under the “Personalisation” category. Beneath “Apply a theme,” click the “Get more themes in the Store” link. The Windows Store will open to the themes collection.

Screenshot of themes in the Windows Store

When you’ve found a theme you like, click its name to open its store page. Press the “Get” button to download and install it like any other Windows Store app or game. You can check how much disk space is required under “Approximate size” in the “Additional information” details.

Screenshot of a theme in the Windows Store

When the download completes, head back to the “Themes” settings page. Click the name of your newly-installed theme to activate it. Your desktop background, accent colour and sounds will be replaced with the items from the theme.

Screenshot removing a Windows theme

You can remove a theme you’ve installed by returning to the “Themes” settings page. Right-click the theme you want to delete and press “Delete.” The screen also lets you customise elements of the theme, such as the cursor and accent colour, and save your changes. Press the “Save theme” button to add a name and save your current settings.

Windows 10’s Themes are the easiest way to quickly refresh your desktop environment. Microsoft has modernised the old theming experience in Control Panel, making it more accessible through the Windows Store. There’s already a large selection of themes to choose between.