How to Factory Reset Windows 10

Shaant Minhas

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So, your Windows is acting up again. You have tried out all the usual fixes like restart, system restore, and malware scan, but none of these solutions seem to be working this time. Thankfully, though, you do have one last ace in your toolbox that can help you resolve these issues for good.

The Factory Reset, or as I like to call it, the “all-pulvizer” of most Windows errors. Let’s get started with different ways you can factory reset your Windows 10.

Factory Reset Your PC From Windows Settings

The most common and preferred method to factory reset your Window 10 is through the Settings option of your PC, as recommended by Microsoft themselves. To get started, press Windows key and I to navigate to Windows Settings, and follow the steps below from there:

  1. Select Update & Security > Recovery.
  2. Now, select Reset this PC to get start with the reset procedure.
  3. Click on Get Started under Reset this PC option.
  4. Next, choose Keep my files or Remove everything. If you want to keep your files intact and only install the operating system, click on Keep my files. However, I suggest that you go with the Remove everything option, as that’ll give you a fresh start.
  5. Select whether you want to install your Windows from the cloud or through a local reinstallation from your old Windows files.
  6. Click on Next from the final dialog box to start the reset process.

windows factory reset settings

install window from cloud or local drive

factory resetting the pc from settings

Your Windows will be reset in a few minutes, and a new copy of Windows will be installed in its place.

Factory Reset from Boot Menu

At other times you might end up unable to boot your PC at all, and can’t even get to the home screen as a result. 

If that’s where you are stuck at right now, you can still factory reset your PC from the boot menu. To do that, press F11 at the time of boot-up, which will open up the Recovery Environment.

If this doesn’t work for you, long-press your power button for at least ten seconds as it boots up. This will lead to a restart of your PC. Do this three times in a row, and the Windows Recovery Environment will be launched.

From there, choose Troubleshoot > Reset this PC from the options menus. It’s a fairly similar procedure ahead, as done in the first method above.

Performing a Factory Reset on Windows 10

And that’s all about Windows Factory reset, folks. Factory Reset is a nifty tool that can rescue your Windows from persisting errors. However, before you begin it’s important that you create a back-up of your files beforehand so that you can restore your settings later on, even if something goes odd during the reset process.