How to Dismiss Past Outlook Reminders in Office 365

Dave W. Shanahan

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Jen Gentleman, Software Engineer, Community Manager, and Windows Insider working at Microsoft, shared a helpful tip to get rid of reminders of past events in Outlook. Gentleman’s discovery has many people wondering why Microsoft didn’t make this Outlook setting enabled by default.

Apparently, there is an option in Outlook that allows you to automatically dismiss reminders for past events. Here’s what you need to do to dismiss reminders from past events in Outlook.

1. Open the Outlook App in Windows 10
2. Go to File > Options > Advanced
3. In the Reminders section, check the box next to Automatically dismiss reminders for past events
How to Dismiss Reminders for Past Events in Outlook
4. Click OK

Gentleman’s discovery will help us all get rid of those pesky past reminders. There is nothing more irritating than returning to work from vacation and opening Outlook in Office 365 to dozens of past reminders you missed while you were away. Once you toggle this setting in Outlook, past reminders will automatically be dismissed.