How to create images with word prompts on Bing Image Creator

Priya Walia

Bing Image Creator

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In a world overrun with technology, software innovations have begun stretching the boundaries of human imagination. Bing Image Creator, a product of Microsoft, is a testimony to this trend. Powered by the coveted DALL-E by Open AI, Bing Image Creator is an AI image generator that works more like a magical inkpot. Just give it a text prompt, and voila you’ll get stunningly creative images.

Decoding Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator can be best thought of as a combination of an AI artist and a genie. You give it a command in words, and it churns out fabulous artwork. This AI image generator can create oil paintings, digital art, pop art, illustrations, logos, and even scenes from movies. However, the creator is also equipped with an ethical conscience. So, it will block prompts deemed harmful or inappropriate.

What’s best about Bing Image Creator is its accessibility. One can use it on a Windows PC via Microsoft Edge or access it through Bing Chat. And if you are not a Windows user, fear not. You can hunt Edge on your browser and download it to be part of the Bing Image Creator.

Once inside Microsoft Edge, you will find the Bing Image Creator icon on the vertical sidebar to your right. If it’s not there, fret not. You need to click on the plus icon on the sidebar, open the menu, and toggle on the option for Image Creator. Voila, the icon will now appear on the sidebar.

How to create images with Bing Image Creator?

Now, let’s see how to turn your words into breathtaking images. Making AI art on Bing Image Creator is a two-step process.

  1. First, you sign in using your Microsoft account.
  2. Second, you feed it a text prompt and hit Create.
  3. If you find yourself stuck with finding a suitable prompt, you can use the ‘Surprise Me’ button. This feature recommends an apt and descriptive prompt to set you on the path of image creation.

Screenshot 91

But that’s not all! Bing Image Creator comes with a prompt template that helps you give it well-structured and detailed commands. You start your prompt with an adjective, follow it up with a noun, then a verb, and conclude with a style of art.

The images tab lets you preview your creations. Click on the images for a full view, and from there, you can download or share your creations. On every command, Bing Image Creator provides four images of 1024 x 1024 resolution.

However, be prepared for surprises. Bing Image Creator might vest artistic liberties and interpret your commands differently. For instance, faces and hands might appear distorted.

Crafting Art on Microsoft Edge and Bing Chat

In Microsoft Edge, the image creator panel opens when you click the Image Creator icon on the sidebar. Like its website, it generates four images on every command. Similarly, Bing Chat allows you to create images.

You need to switch the Conversation Style from ‘More Balanced’ to ‘More Creative’, and then input your prompt in the ‘Ask me anything’ chat box. But in a chat, your command should start with the word ‘Create’.


With Bing Image Creator at your disposal, you are empowered to become an AI artist, turning your words into stunning works of art. The only boundary is your imagination. So, dive into this exciting universe of image creation and let the world witness your creations.