Creating a flow is relatively easy to figure out. You’ll want to create a flow where a connector performs one or more tasks automatically when you want to trigger an action. Now that you understand the Microsoft Flow terms, here’s a short video on setting up a Microsoft Flow from scratch or from a template.

After reading about how to get started with Microsoft Flow, you might have some questions. What do people use these technologies for? How do you create a Microsoft Flow? Typically, Microsoft Flow is more geared towards the business user using Office 365, whereas IFTTT is better suited for controllin

If you need additional help, you can always take a look at the Microsoft Flow documentation to see a number of extensive step-by-step guides and in-depth on-premises gateway information.

Download the Microsoft Flow mobile app for Android or iOS. Please note: The Microsoft Flow app ONLY allows you to create flows from templates. At this time, you cannot create flows from scratch in the Microsoft Flow mobile app.

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