Windows 10 How To: Import iTunes playlists into Groove Music

How to import iTunes playlists into Groove Music

Groove Music arrives with Windows 10 this week and Microsoft is doing their best to make it easy to switch, especially if you're new to Windows 10. Many people use iTunes for their music collections and have worked hard to organize playlists, but may be ready to move away from Apple. In Groove Music you can import your iTunes playlists with only three steps.

1. Open the hamburger menu

2. Click the settings icon (looks like a gear wheel)

3. Click “Import iTunes playlists” from the Music on this PC section and select import

Microsoft could not have made this easier. The ability to easily import music from iTunes into Groove Music is a major boost to its potential usage rate. If users had to recreate their playlists or dive deep into settings many folks wouldn’t bother. This is another move by Microsoft to make it easy to move from another ecosystem to their own easily. Another example is Windows Phones’ apps to help users transfer contacts and other information from Android and iOS.

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