How to check and adjust your privacy settings in Windows 10

Fahad Al-Riyami

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Over the past few weeks, there’s been a lot of talk about Windows 10 privacy. Some are skeptical that Microsoft hasn’t taken a step back from heavily monitoring the Insider builds following the upgrade to RTM. Others are concerned of Microsoft being vague about exactly what user information it collects from its new operating system, which it’s handing out for free, with the goal of getting on a billion PCs, so that it can sell that info to the NSA for big bucks.

Things are getting out of hand. This is Windows, and its nature has always been to give users options. That remains true in Windows 10. If you are concerned about your privacy while using Windows 10, here’s what to do.

Open Settings, then hit Privacy.

How to check and adjust your privacy settings in Windows 10

You now have 13 different categories to adjust privacy settings in. From location, to camera and microphone, to device diagnostics, it’s all configurable.

Want the fine print? Head over to Microsoft’s new privacy statement website, which has been re-worded so that it’s easy to understand. Lawyer talk is at the minimum so you know exactly what personal data Microsoft collects and how it’s used.

Do you have any concerns about privacy in Windows 10? Let us know your reasoning in the comments section below.