Here’s how to test out the new Notification Center in the Windows 10 Technical Preview

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With the Windows Technical Preview build 9841, Microsoft disabled a few features which were present in builds previously before that. Features like the Notification Center are not enabled in the current build of the Windows Technical Preview, meaning users are unable to check out what’s new in the Notification side of things. Luckily, a smart man has gotten the basics of it working for us to test out on our machines.

Now before we continue, we must stress that enabling the Notification Center is not for the faint of heart. It requires adjusting permissions in the registry, as well as moving a few files around and perhaps using the CMD. If you’re not sure you know what you’re doing with either three tasks, then stop here and wait for an official preview build with the Notification Center enabled.

This tweak will not permanently enable the Notification Center, nor does it add a Notifications button to the taskbar. This hack/tweak simply reveals the Notification Center UI, and considering build 9841 is an early build, it isn’t quite finished just yet. To do the tweak, you need to download a few files to get started.

Thanks to Adrian (@adeyblue) on Twitter, you can now test out the Notification Center in all its unfinished glory. Adrian has included a readme file with all the instructions as to how to enable the Notification Center. Check out the download links below to get started! For now, this only works on x86 machines, however a x64 version is in the works.

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