How to get the Games folder back in Windows 10

You miss it don't you? That little "Games Hub" first introduced in Windows Vista that some of used to bundle all of our precious games, rather than loading Steam, Origin etc. Well, it's back! I have created a short video on how to bring the Games folder back in Windows 10 and outlined the steps below.

  • On the desktop press Windows key + R keys together - this will launch "Run"
  • In the run screen type, "shell:games" and press Enter
  • You should now have the Games folder - easy right?
  • On the taskbar, right click the games folder and click "Pin this program to taskbar"



Whether it was CD/DVD or downloaded from the internet, Windows used to grab it all and chuck it into this folder, I personally used it a lot, but, back then Steam wasn't as big as it is now, so a unified library of games was hard to come by.






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