How to create a guest account on Windows 11

Shaant Minhas

windows 11 desktop

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Think you might be sharing your computer with someone for the foreseeable future? If so, then creating and managing a guest account would be the best way to go about this.

While Windows earlier had a relaxed approach to guest accounts that let you create them ease, Microsoft has since discontinued that option. But you don’t have to panic, as there are a few ways to create your Windows account.

How to create a guest account on Windows 11

To create a new guest account on Windows 11, you have to follow the simple steps below:

  1. Head to the Start menu search bar, type in ‘settings,’ and select the best match. Alternatively, press the Windows key + I shortcut.
  2. Now select the Accounts option and then click on Other users.
  3. From the Other users section and click on the Add account button.
  4. On the Microsoft sign-in pop-up, click on I don’t have this person’s sign-in information link.
  5. Then click the Add a user without a Microsoft account link.
  6. Now enter a name for the new guest account. Except for “Guest,” you can use almost any other name.
  7. Click on Next after you’ve set a specific account name.

account settings

microsoft account

As soon as you’re done with the above steps, you will have a new Guest account for your Windows 11.

other users

Create a guest account on Windows 11 with Command prompt

As is always the case with Windows 11, there’s an alternate way to create a guest account on Windows PC. In this case, you can use the Command prompt and create a Windows 11 guest account in far fewer steps than above. Here’s how:

  • Head to the Start menu search bar, type in ‘cmd,’ and launch the cmd as an administrator.
  • Now type in the following command in the cmd and hit Enter:
    net user Shaant /add /active:yes

commmand prompt

As soon as you hit Enter, you will have a new guest account on your Windows 11. You can, of course, remove ‘Shaant’ with any name of your liking—just make sure you don’t use the term “Guest.”

Creating a guest account on Windows 11

While Microsoft has binned the old, straightforward process of creating a guest account on your Windows, the workarounds we’ve listed above will do the job in almost all cases. Go over both the ways we’ve listed, and let us know if you encounter any difficulites or even if you’d like to mention some neat trick of your own.