How to change your theme in Windows 11

Shaant Minhas

windows 11 laptop feature image

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Tired of the same, old default themes of Windows 11? Don’t worry, though, as Microsoft has a number of features that let you tinker with the default theme settings. One such feature is Themes.

It’s no secret that with the introduction of the new Windows 11, Microsoft has ramped up the UI and design capabilities of Windows operating system. Included in such handy UI settings is the old, familiar Themes, a feature in Windows settings that lets you alter the Windows 11’s background, color, fonts, and so on.

Let’s learn how.

How to change your theme in Windows 11

We’ve previously covered the way to alter your themes in Windows 10. The process is almost similar for Windows 11 as well; you can access Theme through the Settings app, right from your desktop. To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your desktop and right-click anywhere on the blank space.
  2. From the available list of options, click on the “Personalize” section.

You’ll be taken to the Personalization section of Windows settings. From there, scroll down and click on Themes; from here you can install, create or manage existing themes in your system.

personalization settings

The customization of Windows theme is brought by altering the Background, Color, Sounds, Mouse cursor, Desktop icon settings, Contrast themes, and so on.

Simply click on any specific settings you’d like to tinker with, make the relevant changes, and click on Save.

Apart from a full-blown, custom theme you can always get things done with a shortcut in Personalization section.



Under Select a theme to apply, you’ll see about six options to pick your Themes from. As soon you click on a specific theme, your background theme will be changed.

picking a windows theme

But that’s not all. If none of the themes here make your cut to your liking, you also have an option to check out even more themes from the Microsoft store. Click on Browse themes, and the Microsoft Store will pop-open. From there, select the theme you’d like to have; there are both paid and free themes options.

After you’re done installing the theme(s), go to Personalization section again, enter the Themes menu and select the thumbnail of the new theme from the Current theme section to get everything set up.

Tinkering with the default theme in Windows 11

We hope this short guide helped you pick the Windows 11 theme of your liking. To reiterate, all you have to do is open the Windows settings, go to the Personalization section, click on the theme you’d like to have, and your display settings will be changed successfully.