The 5 best Outlook Add-ins you need to install

Shaant Minhas

Microsoft Outlook

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We’ve all used them, and we love them all. Add-ins make our lives easy and simpler in so many ways that almost every modern-day tech work worker has used or is using at least one on a daily basis.

If you’re an Outlook user, you’d be glad to find that Outlook supports various add-ins that you can download to skyrocket your productivity. In this article, we’ll go over the best five Outlook add-ins available to Outlook users. So, let’s go over them all.

1. Boomerang


Boomerang is a free Outlook add-in that lets you send your Outlook emails later at a specific time, schedule your meetings, and help you get a follow-up on your unresponded emails (by pinging you, of course)—all on its own.

It also comes with an AI feature, which helps you write better emails by correcting you as you go. And then there’s Inbox Pause: a feature that lets you set up a fixed time for receiving emails.

The app also offers three paid subscriptions: Personal, Pro, and Teams. So naturally, if you don’t want to jump straight to a paid subscription, you can give the Basic version a go first. The free version will, of course, come with a downgrade in the features; you can try it and see if the app works out for you.

Download: Boomerang

2. Grammarly

grammarly outlook add-in

If your everyday tasks involve even about 30% writing, then we’d suggest you give Grammarly a go. Good, crisp writing is the butter for all business organizations in the digital age.

Since every company is a media company now, never has writing and publishing good content been a vital ingredient for success. And, in 2022, it doesn’t make sense to not cut your editing worries in half with a good writing automation tool.

By getting the Grammarly Outlook add-in, you can ensure all your emails are coherent and not riddled with typos and other silly errors.

Download: Grammarly

3. Mr. Post

mr post outlook add-in

Scammers are going to scam. You don’t have control over that. What you can manage, however, is how and the level of security you have on your PC and the apps you use. On Outlook, you can use Mr. Post to strip away all the spammy junk emails from your inbox.

The free add-in on Microsoft Store informs you of the safety of mail you’d like to read. Interestingly, the app works with both Outlook Web and the desktop app.

So, what’s to wait about? Grab the app today and protect yourself from phishing, ransoms, and all sorts of swindles that are running rampant on the internet.

Download: Mr. Post

4. PayPal

mr post outlook add-in

With more than 400 million users worldwide, PayPal is the most popular online money transfer app. If you use PayPal regularly, then installing the Paypal add-in for Outlook will be something you should give a go.

You can get Paypal straight from Microsoft AppSource. When you’re finished with the installation, you’ll find the app in Outlook’s inbox. Then, when you want to send the money to someone, tap on the PayPal icon, choose a contact (Outlook will fill in their email address automatically) and send over the money by clicking on Send More Money.

Download: PayPal

5. MeisterTask

MeisterTask for Outlook

Are you working in anything like task management? Even if you aren’t, if you’re anything like the average project manager, my guess is you like to keep things structured and timely.

With MesiterTask’s Outlook add-in, you can create a new task or add new things to your existing tasks, all without leaving your Outlook mailbox. This is super handy if you’re bombarded with a swarm of emails every day. 

With the MesiterTask Outlook plug-in, you can turn your emails into tasks and knock them out one after the other.

Download: MesiterTask

The best Outlook add-ins you have to try

Third-party add-ins give you a unique feature that is often missing from the original default software. By using the additional add-ins on your Outlook app from the choices listed above, you can go above and beyond in your work schedule.