How to backup and restore Windows 11 through System Image backup

Shaant Minhas

windows laptop

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A backup in your Windows is the backbone of your PC’s data files, keeping them protected in case something goes off with the drive. While we’ve already talked about backing up your Windows 11 for going back to Windows 10 in one of our previous piece, in this post, our main focus will be on how to back up and restore your Windows 11.

So let’s get started.

Creating and restoring a backup in Windows 11

Depending on what’s suitable to your situation, you can choose from two methods below and create a backup in Windows 11. In this article, though, our focus will be on backing up (and restoring) your files through an image backup.

Creating an Image backup

When you create an image backup for your PC, what you’re really doing is creating an .ISO file or image of all the important data in your computer, in a storage device or recovery medium.

To perform an image backup, you’ll have to launch the Control Panel. To get started, go to the Start menu search bar, type in ‘control panel,’ and select the Best match.

  1. From the Control Panel, select Backup and Restore (Windows 7), and then click on Create a system image.
  2. Next, select a location you’d like to back up your drive to.
  3. Click on Next.
  4. Choose the drive you’d like your backup to be at and click on Next.

windows 11 backup

Follow the above steps, and your backup will be created in a few minutes.

Restore Windows files from System Image

You can easily bring back your files in case of abrupt data loss when you’ve created a system image for your files. The process is rather straightforward as well. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Start menu search bar, type in ‘settings,’ and select the Best match.
  2. In the Settings menu, click on System > Recovery.
  3. Scroll down to Advanced Startup and click on Restart now.

You’ll then be asked to confirm your restart. Click on Restart now and the process will begin. On the next reboot, your PC will take a few moments to boot up as it prepares the recovery environment. On the next screen, click on Troubleshoot.

From here, click on Startup Repair and choose System Image Recovery.

windows 11 recovery environment

windows recovery environment

windows recovery environment

The system recovery restoration wizard will be launched. Now select Use the latest available system image radio box, and click on Next. Follow the simple instructions ahead to finalize the restoration of the old system files.

Backing up and restoring files in Windows 11

Windows backup can come in handy when your files have gone corrupt, or you’ve lost them by some abrupt data loss. We hope this piece helped you get clear about the handy backup and restore procedures available in Windows 11.