WinBeta Podcast 2: Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones

WinBeta Podcast 2: Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones

We are happy to announce that our audience received our first WinBeta podcast so well, that we have gone on to do the unthinkable – we have created a second episode! If you haven’t already downloaded our first episode where Zac and I rant on about the future of Windows, be sure to check it out here.

This week, staff writer Sean Michael joins the conversation to talk about the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones, in addition to joining the general shenanigans presented by Zac and myself. This week you can learn exciting tidbits including why Sean doesn’t have a British accent but lives in the UK, and whether or not Zac secretly works for a “film site”.

We are also excited to announce that the WinBeta Podcast is officially available to download and listen via SoundCloud, iTunes, and TuneIn. We are working on bringing the podcast to the Windows Phone Music app, so stay tuned. For now, you can download either AudioCloud (third party) or TuneIn for Windows Phone and follow along. Our Apple friends can always join in on iTunes.

Included stories this week:

Enjoy this week's episode and let us know what we can do to make it even better!

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