Windows 10 Mobile build 14356: Send a photo from your phone to PC

Michael Cottuli

Updated on:

At WinBeta, we take photos often – and often, we do so through a Lumia device. It’s a little bit of a hassle taking photos from our phones and sending them over to our email accounts, downloading the file as an attachment, uploading it, and generally having the whole process take more time than it has any right to do. With the latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider build 14356, however, we’ve received a small, yet very welcome, improvement to that process.

With the new update, you can have Cortana send a photo from your phone to your PC – no middle man, no questions asked, just a simple transition from Windows 10 device to Windows 10 device.  If you missed our overview post covering everything that Windows 10 Mobile received when Dona Sarkar pushed the Big Red Button, here’s the official description of the feature:

Send a photo from your phone to PC: If you need to quickly transfer a photo from your phone to your PC wirelessly – just ask Cortana “send this photo to my PC” and see what happens. This feature is currently exclusive to Windows 10 phones.

It should work exactly how it sounds – just go ahead and ask Cortana to “send this photo to my PC” when you have an image selected, and the virtual assistant should walk you through the rest of the steps. So far, we’re having some issues getting the feature to work on our test devices, but we’re sure it’s something Microsoft is working to remedy.

While this might be the most revolutionary change that Windows 10 has ever introduced, it’s certainly enough to add some very welcome convenience to an already smooth Windows 10 experience. Let us know in the comments what you think of this new functionality.

Update: It seems that this feature isn’t working for anyone, at least from our comments. We’ll update again if we can find out anything else.